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Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

Year 5 News

Summer Term - Week 5 - 22 May 2020

Year Five have continued to be busy with their learning this week and showing their creative sides too! (Cole's pizza, below left).

With our writing we have been thinking about magazine articles and extreme journeys to school (Ellis' journey to school, above right).

Also, nonsense poetry. We looked at The New Vestments by Edward Lear; a poem about a man dressed up with food for his clothes. Here are some of our own, inspired by the poem and the food portraits of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. (Imani, Katy and Megan's poems)


Imani's Poem
Katy's Poem
Megan's Poem


As part of our Science project we had to decide on how we were going to present the solar system. (Oscar's solar system artwork, right).

Summer Term - Week 4 - 15 May 2020

This week, the children in Year 5 have been revisiting area and perimeter. Some of the children have been working very systematically to approach the reasoning activities. (Photo of Katy's maths reasoning and Megan's maths reasoning). 

Year 5 have also revisited Fractions this week. Exploring mixed numbers and equivalent fractions. (Alfie's Maths and Louie's Maths)

In Science, the children have been continuing their learning about space. They have learnt about the Moon including its phases and what it is made of. They have also learnt how the movement of the Earth in relation to the Sun causes day and night and the seasons. (Photo of Maddie's science letter, photo of Seniyh's Science, photo of Esmae's science) 

The children have also learnt about Kandinsky, who was an abstract artist, and created artwork in his style based on the eight planets in our solar system. (photos of Maddie's art, Katie.s art, Grace's art, Angela's art, Megan's art)


We have continued to enjoy seeing all the other activities that Year 5 have been getting up to at home. They have been being very active and creative.

(Photo of Louie's art)

Summer Term - Week 3 - 8 May 2020

This week Year 5 have been learning all about the Moon. They have learnt about its phases before choosing two activities to extend their learning. We have seen some fantastic art and read some creative stories about life on the Moon.

We have enjoyed hearing about all the different ways Year 5 have been getting active and spending time outside while at home. These have included long walks, bike rides, trampolining and building dens in the garden. We have loved seeing all the mouth-watering meals and bakes that have been made - And no doubt quickly eaten!

Year 5 have also been getting creative this week. We have seen some amazing poetry and art; including tie-dye. The children have written their own versions of a story called The Game.

Summer Term - Week 2 - 27 April 2020


Last week, Year 5 completed their 'Life Cycles' project. We have really enjoyed seeing the fantastic drawings, Power Points, videos and pieces of writing that have been submitted. (Maisie and Julia's life cycle photos here)

This week they have begun their topic of 'Space' and already there have been some excellent videos, posters, comic strips and writing submitted. 


In English last week, Year 5 produced newspaper articles about a mysterious, giant robot appearing in a city. Some of the articles were really creative and it was brilliant to see that some children had thought carefully about their presentation. 

Extra Activities

We have continued to enjoy seeing all the different things Year 5 have been doing beyond their set learning. We have seen baking, researching, painting, making and even some stop-motion photography. 

Summer Term - Week 1 - 20 April 2020

While at home, Year 5 have been continuing to produce their learning to a high standard. So far, they have written biographies and stories, learnt about decimals and percentages and completed projects about life cycles. Photos of the life cycle projects to follow - keep your eyes peeled! Their teachers have really enjoyed seeing all their work and are really proud of them all.

Caiden’s story

The Year 5 Teachers have also enjoyed seeing the other activities that the children have been getting up to at home including, baking, art and various science investigations including make predictions and drawing conclusions about the behavior of bunnies.

Phoebe and Cole’s dandelion’s
Grace’s bunnies

Science Week

During the afternoons last week, Year 5 have been taking part in British Science Week. They have completed different investigations to develop their Working Scientifically skills such as controlling variables and drawing conclusions. 

On Friday, the children carried out investigations in threes to answer questions they had decided on. The investigations ranged from: Which liquid will melt the ice the quickest? to How does the weight affect how quickly a spinner will fall? The children worked hard all morning to make sure they completed their investigation effectively; wrote reports that included their hypothesis, method, results and conclusions; and prepared a short presentation for the afternoon. 








Week 24 - 16 March 2020

Over the last week, Year 5 have been finishing off their fractions unit in maths. They have been taught to multiply fractions and mixed numbers by integers, find fractions of amounts and use fractions as operators. 

In English, they have been preparing to write an information text about a beast of their own design that demonstrates the skills they have been practising over this half-term. In their texts, they will be trying to use relative clauses to add extra detail, semi-colon lists and a variety of sentence openers. 


World Book Day - 5 March 2020

On Thursday, Year 5 took part in World Book Day. It was fantastic to see all the creative costumes and to hear all about the children's favourite books. During the day, Year 5, along with the rest of the school, read the Flotsam, which is a book without words. After discussing the book, the children completed an observe, infer and wonder activity about one of the pictures. They then recreated an image of one of the characters from the book before writing their back story. The quality of the writing was excellent and their back stories were very imaginative while clearly linked to what they had found out. 


Week 23- 9 March 2020

Over the past week, Year 5 have continued with their Fantastic Beasts unit of work in English. This week, they have focused on providing information about the creatures' habitat. They have continued to use adventurous vocabulary and have been focusing on using a range of sentence openers. To start the week, they looked at different information texts and found all the different types of openers that had been used before practising using them in their own writing. 




Week 22 - 2 March 2020

This week, Year 5 have begun their new units of work.

In English, they have started to look at extracts from J K Rowling's Fantastic Beasts. The children have been practising using semi-colons to mark lists, which have extra detail added in relative clauses, while describing different beasts.  They have also looked at how they can upstage their vocabulary choices.

In maths, the children have been continuing to practise subtracting fractions with different denominators.

In science this half-term, the children are finding out about life cycles. This week, they learnt about reproduction in a flower. To help develop their understanding, the children dissected daffodils. 


Week 21 - 10 February 2020

Fire Safety visit

Year 5 were lucky enough to have a visit from the Red Watch at Bracknell Fire Station. Jay class were shown all the different tools and pieces of equipment the fire engine contained and even got to sit inside! Meanwhile, Woodpecker class had a talk about fire safety and had the opportunity to try on the safety equipment. Unfortunately, the team were called out to an emergency but are hoping to return soon to complete their visit. 

In Science, Year 5 have created information pages to show off what they have been learning about materials. They worked independently to design the layout of their page and decide which information and pictures would be on it. 

In computing, Year 5 have finished their projects about famous scientists. They have researched scientists who have discovered or created new materials and used publisher to create a leaflet to present their information.

In Maths, Year 5 have continued their work on fractions. They have made video tutorials to share how to compared fractions with different denominators.

In English, Year 5 have written stories based on The Secret Garden. They published these stories beautifully before reading them to their Year 2 reading buddies.

Week 20 - 3rd February 2020

In Maths, Year 5 have been learning about fractions. So far, they have learnt to identify and find equivalent fractions, create and complete fraction sequences and compare and order fractions using common denominators. This week, they will continue to practise these skills as well as adding and subtracting fractions. 


In Art last week, Year 5 used tin foil to create their own sculptures in the style of Alberto Giacometti. Before they began sculpting, the children looked at some of Giacometti's pieces and identified the key features. They also discussed the materials he uses before designing their own sculpture. They then used tin foil to create their sculpture- which was trickier than it looks as they found that tin foil can be brittle!


Week 19 - 27 January 2020

In English last week, Year Five rewrote the extract of The Secret Garden they have been reading. To make the writing their own, the children changed the animal Mary makes friends with from a robin to an animal of their choice. As you can see from the examples below, the children did an excellent job.


In music this half term, Year Five are lucky enough to have Berkshire Maestros teaching them how to play guitar. They are only on their second lesson but already learning their second song!


In Science last week, the children continued learning about different materials. They investigated three different properties: hardness, electrical conductivity and magnetism. As part of the investigation, the children were taught how to write a successful conclusion using their results to support. 


Week 18 - 20 January 2020

In English last week, Year Five began reading an extract from The Secret Garden. They  looked at: how tension is built by the author and compared this to a clip from the film; considered the character's feelings and practised inferring these in their writing (show-not-tell) and began to add detail to their writing using ISPACE openers and relative clauses.

This half-term in Art, Year Five are focusing on sculpture and finding out how different mediums can be used to create art. So far, they have found about Andy Goldsworthy and how he uses natural objects to create his sculptures. The children have designed their own Andy Goldsworthy sculptures before going outside to create them.

Week 17 - 13 January 2020

This half term, we are learning about different materials in Science. The children started the unit by investigating soluble materials.

Week 16 - 7 January 2020

During the Autumn term, Year 5 wrote simile poems to describe a storm based on the poem 'The Dreadful Menace'. They focused on using powerful vocabulary, personification and similes to help their reader to imagine the storm. To finish the unit of work, the children learnt about hwo their voices can be used to create tension before performing their poems to their class.


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Week 13 - 2 December 2019

Last week, Year Five worked hard to create wrapping paper, sweet cones and a variety of games ready for the fundraising event on Friday 6th December. The children were very independent throughout the process, they came up with all the ideas themselves, created their items to sell with very little support and even designed the rules to their games, ensuring the rest of the class knew how to run them on the day! On the afternoon of the fundraiser, the children took responsibility for setting up the classroom ready for the event, including the layout of the tables and decorations. All of the children's events have definitely paid off. Overall, Year Five raised an amazing £188 towards the much needed new boards. Well done Year Five!

Week 10 - 11 November 2019

This half-term, Year Five have been focusing on the artist Andy Warhol. They found out about his life and looked at many examples of his art before creating their own pieces of work in his style.


Unfortunately, due to the weather, Year Five were unable to visit South Hill Park. However, they still completed activities to practise creating maps. To start the morning, the children used Google Earth to take measurements of the different areas of South Hill Park before creating maps of the site to scale. After break, the children used their scaling skills to create a map of the habitat their explorers visited in their stories. The children all enjoyed creating their maps using both their Geography and Maths skills.



Adventure Stories

After working hard on their editing last week, Year Five published their stories this week. 


Editing Stations!

This week, Year Five have written adventure stories based on the 'Polar Bear Explorer's Club'. Before publishing their work, they spent time editing and improving to ensure it was their best writing yet!




This week in Science, Jay class have learnt about simple machines. They investigated levers to prove that they reduce the work required to lift an object. Next week, they will carry out an investigation to quantify the effect moving the fulcrum has on the lever. 

Year Two Reading Buddies

This week, Year Five met their Year Two Reading buddies. They are going to be sharing stories with their reading buddies this year to help develop reading fluency in both year groups.


Anti-bullying Week

During Anti-bullying week, Year Five have learnt the definition of bullying and discussed how bullying can affect both the victim and the perpetrator. They have also discussed the different things that happen at Wooden Hill to prevent bullying and what they should do if they, or someone they know, ever feel bullied.  The children also had a visit from Mark and Gabby from Great Hollands Free Church who shared examples of where Jesus encountered bullying and how he dealt with it.  To end the week, the children created mini books to demonstrate what they have learnt.

Investigating Forces

In Science, Year Five have been learning about forces. This week, they have been exploring water resistance. They carried out an investigation to explore what impacts the amount of water resistance an object experiences.




Roman Catapults

As part of their Roman topic, Year Five have made Roman catapults. They have had to apply their skills of measuring, sawing and constructing to create their final products.






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Year 5 Trip to Reading Museum

On Wednesday the 16th October, Year Five visited Reading Museum to explore the exhibits and take part in a Roman life workshop. During the day, they saw some enormous mosaics, dressed up as Romans and learnt about the battle of Hastings from the Bayeux Tapestry. 









Roman Invasion Plans

To bring this half-term's topic of 'What did the Roman's do for us?' to a close, the children planned and presented an invasion plan. Their presentations demonstrated their knowledge of the Roman army and their tactics and were very persuasive!


Science Investigations!

This week, Year Five have been investigating air resistance. They have carried out an investigation to find out how they can slow down the fall of a spinner using their knowledge of air resistance. After their investigation, the children applied their learning about line graphs to spot patterns in their results and draw scientific conclusions.




Roman Mini Books

This week, Year Five have created mini books about the legacy of the Roman empire. They found out about the different things that originated in the Roman empire.                                                  


Roman Mosaics

This week, Year Five have been using their designs to create their mosaic patterns. They have used paper squares to create mosaics in their books and have experimented with using stone tiles.



Week 6 - 7 October 2019

This week, year 5 had their class assembly. The children were very involved in putting this together by writing poems, creating artwork and writing their own lines. The children really enjoyed sharing their work with their friends, family and loved ones and there was a fantastic turn out. Thank you to all who came to show support. 

The art work produced by the children was a team effort. The children were given an image in their group and it was cut into pieces. Each child then took a piece of the picture and recreated it using watercolours. Each team then put their pieces back together to match their original image.

This weekin Maths, the children have been practising applying their knowledge of addition and subtraction to multiple step problems. They began by looking at some questions in groups and working out the steps that would be required to solve the problems and how a bar model could be used to represent it.

In English this week, the children have been looking at the different rules the explorer's clubs in 'The Polar Bear Explorers Club' have. They have worked in groups to discuss what sort of people they think are members of these clubs and whether or not they are going to be successful on expeditions. Next, they are going to be designing their own set of club rules. 

Week 5 - 30 September 2019

This week, the children planned and wrote their own newspaper articles about the Polar Bear Explorers being attacked by evil frosties during their expedition to the Icelands. They focused on using fronted adverbials and direct and reported speech during the writing process.


Week 4 - 23 September 2019

Year Five have designed mosaic patterns this week. They are going to choose their favourite  to create using tiles.
The children used pictures of mosaics from the Roman era as inspiration and were excited to hear that they will be able to see mosaics from the Roman town of Calleva during the trip to Reading museum in October.

Week 3 - 16 September 2019

Over the past week, Year Five have begun their topic ‘What did the Roman’s do for us?’.

So far, they have learnt about the invasion of Britain, the Roman army and Hadrian’s wall. The children have been taught the topic so far through oracy. This means they have been asking lots of questions, having lots of discussions (while developing their discussion skills) and have been using their teacher as a guide to help them to be active learners and find things out for themselves.