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Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

Year 3 & 4 News

Summer Term - Week 5 - 22 May 2020

This week Year Three and Four have been learning all about one of the most precious resources on our planet, the rainforest. They have been researching what deforestation is, how it has impacted Central America and what adults, children and companies can do to help save the rainforest. The children have also been learning about palm oil, what it is and how the harvesting of palm oil can impact on animals in the rainforest.

This is a really important subject for everyone to be aware of and the children have taken great interest in learning how to help. They have worked incredibly hard on their research to create posters making people aware of what is happening and what we can do to make it better.

Summer Term - Week 4 - 15 May 2020

This week Year Three and Four have been researching and designing Mayan masks. We’ve seen some great designs including Jayden’s, Timmy’s, Amy’s, Ellie’s and Kieran’s.

They have also been writing their own adventure story set in a rainforest and have been thinking really carefully about the senses and what the character would see, hear, feel, touch and taste around them and also how the character feels and thinks throughout the story.

We are still so impressed by how hard all the children have been working at home and how much determination and effort they are putting into their work, they should all be very proud.

Summer Term - Week 3 - 8 May 2020

It’s been a choctastic filled week this week for Year Three and Year Four as the children have been learning all about chocolate! 

For their English home learning, they have been writing reports about where chocolate comes from full lots of interesting facts. 


In Design and Technology the children designed their own chocolate bar and packaging. They used research and surveys to help decide their chocolate bar filling and then thought carefully about the packaging design and a poster to advertise it.

Some of the designs we saw looked very yummy including Lucas’ Numnumbar, Dexter’s Chocnuts and Ellie’s Sprinkleitious! We’ve seen so many chocolate cakes being made too, it’s made us very hungry!

We’ve also loved seeing so many children still practising their times tables using games at home just like Imogen and Rosie have been!

It’s looks like you’ve all been keeping busy with lots of other activities too and it’s great to see them all on Google Classroom so please keep posting J


Summer Term - Week 2 - 27 April 2020

For the past two weeks, Year Three and Year Four have been working hard at home learning all about the Mayans and Central America, where they lived. They have created amazing posters and leaflets showing all their research and have even had a go at using hieroglyphics to write messages.

Summer Term - Week 1 - 20 April 2020

We’ve been loving seeing all the things Year 3 and Year 4 have been up to over the Easter holidays! These have included arts and crafts, going for walks, baking and even making bug hotels. 

We’re looking forward to seeing more of your amazing school work soon on Google Classroom too.

Week 24 - 9 March 2020

In Year 4 Maths this week, we have been looking at subtracting fractions from a whole. We have been using a range of resources to support our learning! We are now moving onto fractions of an amount where we used counters to physically make the groups and work out the answers!

This week was Science week and Beech Team were investigating taste. We put food dye on our tongues and counted the fungiform papillae (pink bumps) to find out if we were a non-taster, taster or super taster (a super taster will have more of these and will be more sensitive to bitter tastes compared to a non-taster).

Also this week, we learnt about the importance of washing our hands and carried out an experiment where we touched pieces of bread with washed and unwashed hands. We look forward to finding out how the bread looks depending on who touched it showing us how bacteria and germs can spread by not regular washing your hands.

Also this week, we learnt about the importance of washing our hands and carried out an experiment where we touched pieces of bread with washed and unwashed hands. We look forward to finding out how the bread looks depending on who touched it showing us how bacteria and germs can spread by not regular washing your hands.



Week 23 - 2 March 2020

We celebrated World Book Day with some great activities in Beech Team!

We were looking at the book Flotsam by David Wiesner and to start our day we talked about what flotsam is and identified it using clues in sensory trays.

Later in the day we then created our own picture in a picture, similar to photographs in the Flotsam story.

In Year 4 Maths this week we have been focusing on improper fractions. We have been using lots of resources like multi-link to be making the whole and parts of the fractions.

Week 20 - 3 February 2020

This week in Maths, Year 3 have been learning all about money and on Friday we put all our learning into practise and ran our own shop! We used money to buy and sell items and made sure we were giving each other the correct change when paying for something. We’re sure they would love to help with the shopping at home now!

In Year 4 maths this week we have been learning about area. We know that area is the amount of space inside a boundary of a 2 dimensional shape. We used post stick notes to find the area of certain objects around the classroom. We also now know that to find the area, we just need to work out the length and width, then multiply it together!

In History we have been learning about the Ancient Greeks and this week focusing on the Greek Gods. We have been researching about lots of different Gods, we then chose our favourite to present to the class.

Week 19 - 27 January 2020

This week in Year 3 Maths we have been looking at division and exploring sharing tens and ones into equal groups with an exchange. 

Sometimes our sharing into equal groups also meant there was a remainder left and we have been using resources to show this.

Week 18 - 20 January 2020

“Beech Team are loving Free Write Fridays!

Every Friday we use a picture to spark our imaginations and write in a style of our choice about that picture.

As you can see (below), we are really enjoying it and our work is being kept in our very own folders.”

This week in Topic we are preparing to present to our classes about our favourite Greek God! 

We are using the iPads and books to research all about the different Greek Gods. We will then choose our favourite and plan our presentation all about that God.

We can’t wait to hear the final presentations!

Week 17 - 13 January 2020

In English this week, we have been looking at Greek Myths, particularly focusing on Theseus and the Minotaur. We have been learning the story, hot seating how the characters might have been feeling and exploring other Greek Myths. 

We have also been drawing story maps in English this week to help understand and re-tell the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.

In Year 4 Maths and English this week we have been looking at factor pairs. We have been using resources such as counters to make arrays to clearly see the factors (2 numbers that when multiplied, make that number). We will be moving on to multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers by a 1 digit.

In Topic this week, Year 3 and 4 have been looking at the Olympic games. We have been comparing the Ancient games to the Modern. There are so many differences between them both, especially as girls were not allowed to even watch!



Week 16 - 6 January 2020

This term Year 3 and 4 are learning all about Ancient Greece. Last week we learned all about the Greek alphabet and even wrote our own names using Greek letters and symbols.

Week 15 - 16 December 2019

This week in Maths we have been continuing to explore multiplication and division using arrays and groups. We have been able to find equal groups in a number using counters and then write multiplication and division number sentences to show what is being represented. This has helped us also carry on practising our 3, 4 and 8 times tables!

Week 14 - 9 December 2019

This week in Year 4 maths, we are focusing on multiplication and division, particularly focusing on the 9 and 7 times table. We have been using counters to make arrays and then find the number facts.

In History this week we have been looking at Mount Vesuvius and the impact this eruption had on the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum. We wrote down questions which we would of liked to of asked different people that were there that day and then we hot seated and took it in turns to answer the questions as if we were that person!

Week 13 - 2 December 2019

In Maths this week, Year 4 have been looking at money. We have been adding, subtracting, converting and given change from certain amounts. On Monday, we had to plan a birthday party for 12 children, with a budget of £25. We had to choose what we wanted and make sure we didn’t spend  too much!

This week in Year Three we have been looking at multiplication and division. We have been using resources to help us understand factors and find multiplication and division facts of numbers using groups and sharing.

On Friday, Year 4 had a trip to St Michael’s church for ‘Christmas Unwrapped’. During the visit, Year 4 took part in lots of different activities, including decorating biscuits, taking part in a Christmas quiz and listening to different people (including Mary and the Shepard!) talk about their part in the Christmas story.

This week Year Three and Four have been busy making Christmas items to sell at the Christmas Fundraiser. We have been decorating biscuits, making hanging tree decorations and using hot chocolate and marshmallows to create reindeer!

Week 12 - 25 November 2019

In Year 3 and 4 we have started looking at play scripts. We have been looking at the features of a play script which include a list of characters, dialoge and stage directions. On Monday we were given some stage directions for the play script “Fantastic Mr Fox” and in groups we had to add the dialogue to match that specific direction.

On Friday last week, Year 3 and 4 had DT day. During this day, we created volcanoes using plastic bottles. Firstly, we scrunched up pieces of newspaper and glued them around our bottle. Next, we either covered the newspaper in paint or we used tissue paper. Finally, we added coloured tissue paper to the top to create a lava effect!

Week 11 - 18 November 2019

Thank you to the many parents and carers who joined us this morning to take part in our times tables session.  The children really enjoyed showing you the times tables games and activities.  I hope that you found this, as well as the information I gave you, useful.  Below is the powerpoint that I shared with you.  Please do talk to me or your child's teacher if you have any questions about learning times tables.

In Year 4 maths this week we have been learning multiplying and dividing. On Monday we were learning about multiplying and dividing by 1 and 0, we used counters to help us. We now know that when we multiply by 0, the answer is always 0!

In Art this week, we have been focusing on drawing a volcano using different techniques, for example using chalk charcoal,crayon, paint and pencils to create the rocky details of the exterior and the hot colours of the lava. The picture of the volcano was split into separate parts to ensure we were accurate. .

Week 10 - 11 November 2019

This week in Year 4 Maths, we have been learning how to multiply and divide by 10 and 100. We first used counters and then moved on to digit cards in the place value grid. When we multiply our number gets larger and moves spaces left up the place value grid, which is the opposite when we are dividing!

In English we have been learning about instructional text and have been following their own set of instructions to build a woolly mammoth! We have been understanding how instructions should be detailed so we know exactly what to do and how and have been making sure our instructions include imperative verbs and prepositions.

Beech team have been learning about soil formation

Beech team have been learning about the 4 main processes in soil formation: additions, losses, translocations & transformations.  'Additions' can include decaying plants and animals.  'Translocations' can include animals living in the soil moving it around in every direction.  All 4 processes are taking place at the same time, all the time!

We have made a mini compost bin to observe some of these processes in action.  You may wish to make one at home.  See attachments (at bottom of the page) for some guidance, 'Creating a mini compost bin' and 'How to care for your worms.'

In Science this week, Year 3/4 have been learning about the remarkable ‘palaeontologist’ Mary Anning.

Mary Anning was a famous fossil hunter and collector.  She found and identified many pre-historic fossils from the time of the dinosaurs and sold them to make money for her family.  Although she shared her knowledge and fossil specimens with the scientific world, sadly, she didn’t get the recognition she deserved.  Please click this link to find out more:

Week 9 - 4 November 2019

In Year 4 maths this week, we have been looking at the perimeter of rectilinear shapes. This is a shape where all of the sides are met with a right angle. We designed a floor plan for a house (some real houses, some dream houses!!) and worked out the perimeter of each room. Each cm was equivalent to 1 meter, otherwise it would be a very small house.

In Year 3/4 Maths this week, we have been learning to add 4-digit numbers and the children have been using place value charts and counters to investigate what happens when you add 4-digit numbers together.  They noticed that they could not have more than 9 counters in any of their columns.  What could they do if the total exceeded 9?  The children quickly realised that they had to ‘exchange’ them.  Well done Mathematicians!

Publishing our writing..

In Year 3 and 4 we have spent a lot of time writing and editing our Stone Age narratives! Now it is time to publish them and write them in our neatest writing. Some of us even got pen licenses because we showed our teachers such beautiful writing! 

We are now moving onto poetry and learning about Kennings.

In art this week, we have been looking at cave paintings and have been recreating our own using chalks and charcoal! We drew around our hands and then shaded them in!

Week 8 - 21 October 2019

This week in Year 4 maths we have been learning to add two 4 digit numbers, we have been using a range of resources including place value counters to help us!"

This week in Year 3 and 4, we have been drawing Stone Age pictures, using charcoal! We first looked at some pictures for inspiration, a lot of us chose to include Stone Henge in our picture! We firstly outlined with pencil then added charcoal afterwards. Our fingers got very messy when we were smudging!”

Week 7 - 14 October 2019

Would you like to live in the Stone Age? This week in English, Year Three and Four held a debate to argue if they would like to live in the Stone Age or not. The children reasoned why they chose their side and backed up their answers while taking into account other people’s views and opinions.

Week 6 - 7 October 2019

This week in Year 4 Maths, we have been looking at counting in 25s and negative numbers!"

In Science this week we have been investigating different types of rocks. The rocks we have been looking at are, igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic! We used the iPads to research one of these rocks and then presented our findings to the rest of the class!

Week 5 - 30 September 2019

Times table practise is very important and we practise our times tables every day in Year 3 and 4. It is important that we practise in a variety of fun ways, including Times Table Rockstars! It is an online resource which can be used on tablets and phones to test times table knowledge and division facts up to the 12 times table!

Please make sure you are using this free, easy and fun resource at home, if you are unable to login or have forgotten username/password, please ask your teacher who will be able to quickly find it for you!"

This year we are looking at the art work of Roy Lichtenstein. He was an American pop artist who created his art work with dots. We have been creating our own self-portraits, in the style of Lichtenstein, carefully using dots with pens and pencils!

Week 4 - 23 September 2019

On Friday last week we celebrated Roald Dahl Day in Year Three and Four. We all love lots of his books so in the morning, our maths and English lesson were themed based on the characters from some of his books!

Week 3 - 16 September 2019

This week in maths we have been comparing 4 digit numbers, ordering 4 digit numbers and rounding to the nearest 1,000! We loved using place value counters to help us!"

In English this week we have been using thesauruses and have been finding synonyms of words to help us describe a Stone Age setting in detail."

In ICT this week, Year 3 and 4 have been using the laptops to develop and improve our typing skills. We were able to log on, load Microsoft Word and begin to type. We first had to look at the keyboard and observe where all of the keys were. It was important that we learnt how to use the shift key to make our letter capital when writing our names!

Week 2 - 9 September 2019

In Year Four maths this week we have been looking at place value. We have been understanding the value of each digit and used a range of concrete resources to help us!

In Science we have been learning about different types of rocks.

The three types of rocks we have been looking at are igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. There are two types of rocks which are man-made and natural. We can now tell the difference between them and see the comparisons. We were also able to hold the different types of rocks to help us describe what they were like!