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Year 1 News

Spring Term - Week 3 - 22 January 2021

This week in Maths we have started a new place value unit, looking at numbers up to 20. We have been counting and ordering teens numbers, as well as representing them using tens and ones. For example, we now understand that 13 is made up of one ten and three ones and 20 is made of two tens. We have had lots of opportunities to make and compare these numbers. 

In English we have started a new unit on Poetry, looking at the poem ‘Dinosaur Days’. We began by spotting the features of the poem and we focused on our spelling of the days of the week. We then looked at the verbs (doing words) in the poem and learnt that in the past tense many of these end in –ed (e.g. dived, chased, chewed). We have created our own plans of the poem using pictures and key words, so we are ready to write it up next week. 

In Phonics, we have continued with our Set 2 sounds – ir (whirl and twirl), ou (shout it out), oy (toy for a boy), ay (may I play) and ee (what can you see). We have been learning to blend and read words containing these sounds and we have also practised segmenting them for spelling. 

We have continued our ‘Animals’ topic this week in Science. We have focused on our senses and enjoyed exploring lots of different things we could hear, see, smell, taste and touch. We have looked and the structure of animals and discussed the similarities and differences between animals and humans.



Merry Christmas everyone

All the teachers and teaching assistants in Year 1 would like to take this opportunity to wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We have all been so impressed with how well you have all worked this year, bearing in mind the strange the year it has been. However your children have not let this stop them and they have been incredibly resilient and made huge progress this term.

We hope you all have an enjoyable Christmas and we will see you in the new year. 

Merry Christmas Year 1

Autumn Term - Week 14 - 9 December 2020

What a busy week we have had in Year One!

This week the children have planned and written a letter to Father Christmas. They thought about how they would greet Father Christmas, they used an adjective to describe the presents they asked for and thought of a question they wanted to ask Father Christmas. We were very impressed with the children’s handwriting, phonic knowledge when spelling new words and use of capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in their writing.

The children have been completing lots of scissor control activities this week such as making Christmas decorations and cutting out pictures for their Christmas wish collage. They have also been developing their fine motor skills by using playdoh to decorate Christmas trees and snowmen.

In Maths, the children have continued their work on addition by adding two numbers together up to 10. They have been practising writing an accurate number sentence using the addition and equals symbols. 

Following on from our RE topic on Christianity, In DT this week the children designed, made and evaluated their own stained glass windows. They make a colourful and festive addition to the classroom.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning their class Christmas songs and opening their class Christmas calendar each day as we prepare and look forward to having a very festive week next week!


Autumn Term - Week 13 - 3 December 2020

In English this week we used the ideas from our plans we created last week to write our new versions of the poem ‘What is Pink?’ After some time for rehearsal, we took turns to perform our poems to our partners and some of us volunteered to perform in front of the whole class! We learnt how to use our voices in the best way when reading out loud to an audience, thinking carefully about volume, expression and pace. 

Our Maths we have continued with our systematic recording of number bonds. We used tens frames and counters to find all the different ways of making ten in order. Our next challenge will be to learn all of these number bonds by heart, for example “What goes with 4 to make 10”. This instant recall of number facts is such an important skill to master early on because it is fundamental to lots new learning later on. We have also been using our number bond knowledge to solve a variety of word problems. For example: 

Eva and Mo have 10 sweets between them. Eva has 4 sweets. How many does Mo have? 

In RE, we have been learning why advent is celebrated by Christians. We have talked about some of the different ways that it is celebrated around the world. This led us on to thinking about why and how Christmas is celebrated. To help us with this, we learnt and sequenced the events of the Christian Nativity story.

Autumn Term - Week 12 - 25 November 2020

We have been busy planning our poems in English using a ‘box it up’ style plan. The children began by thinking carefully about an object for each colour of the poem using their knowledge of nouns. They then added some more description by using a verb. Some of their fantastic ideas were 

‘Brown acorn rolling down the hill’

‘Green grass growing in the brown soil’

‘white feather soft and fluffy’

We are looking forward to reading the childrens poems when they are written out next week.

In Maths we have been continuing to look at number bonds within 10. This week we have been using a systematic approach when finding the number bonds to ensure that we don’t miss out on any.

e.g  0+6=6    1+5=6    2+4=6      3+3=6

This week the children have been learning about Christianity. They have learnt what Christians believe and looked at the features of a church. Please remember to try and visit a church whilst you are out walking as this will help the children with their learning.

We have started to practice our Christmas songs this week and we are very much looking forward to getting in the Christmas spirit next month in Year One! Please don’t forget to bring in an item for our class hampers (something red for Beaver class and something blue for Otter class).

Autumn Term - Week 11 - 19 November 2020

In English this week we have been looking at the poem ‘What is Pink?’ by Christina Rossetti. We began by identifying the features of the poem, including the rhyming words, question marks, nouns and adjectives. We talked about the colours that are used in the poem and then we went on a nature walk to find different objects to match each colour. 

Our Maths lessons have focused on fact families and number bonds within 10. One challenge was to find all the ways partition a given number, such as 9 (0 + 9, 1 + 8, 2 + 7 and so on). To help us with this, we have been using a range of practical resources such as cubes and counters, as well as pictorial representations including part-whole models and bar models. 

This week, we have taken part in Anti-bullying week. We have been considering what makes people unique and talking about our differences to be celebrated. During our PSHE lessons, we have listened to stories and taken part in various activates to help us empathise with others, understand what bullying is and what know can be done about it if it does happen.   

We ended last week with a non-uniform day for Children in Need. It was fantastic to see everyone wearing clothes that make them feel good in order to raise money for this worthy cause – from super hero costumes to party clothes and pyjamas, it was great fun! We spent time on this day reflecting on how fortunate we are and how much we have to be grateful for. The children thoroughly enjoyed making their own Pudsey Bear masks.

We would like to say a big “well done” to all the children who have been practising their tricky word trains at home. We are already seeing a huge improvement of the reading and writing of these words in class. Several children have successfully progressed to their next trains. Please note that we need to see evidence that children are consistently reading and spelling these words correctly in their work before we move them onto the next train. 

We look forward to meeting with many of you for our ‘Phonics and Reading Information Session’ on Wednesday 2nd December. Just a reminder that this will be held via Zoom and you are required to sign up on School Gateway if you wish to attend.

Autumn Term - Week 10 - 12 November 2020

This week in English we have been continuing with our learning of ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Can You See?’ We went on a nature walk on Monday to see what we could see! We found acorns, pinecones, trees, sticks, plenty of leaves and a squirrel! We used these objects to learn what a noun is and then used an adjective to describe the noun. There were some great descriptions. On Tuesday we thought about what the objects were doing and used a verb to describe this. The children then wrote out their own sentences in the style of Eric Carle. Some of their fantastic sentences were:

Children, children what do you see?

I see a smooth acorn rolling down the hill.

Children, children what do you see?

I see a fluffy feather floating in the sky.

In Maths this week the children have continued using part whole models. They have used part whole models to add numbers together and then represent these additions using number sentences. They then used this knowledge to look at addition fact families for a number. E.g. 3+4=7, 4+3=7, 7=3+4, 7=4+3.

In phonics we have been learning the trigraph ‘air’ as in ‘fair’, ‘stair’, ‘pair’ and the diagraph ‘ee’ as in ‘tree’, ‘see’, ‘been’. Some children have been continuing with their set 1 sounds and practising their blending.

We have enjoyed doing some science in the afternoons this week. We were thinking about the question ‘Can you see colour in the dark?’. We entered a ‘dark cave’ to find this out. We thought about what we could see in the dark and then how this changed when we added a light source (a torch). Linking to our science topic of light and dark, we also enjoyed creating a chalk firework picture, exploring colours using a light source and spending time in our ‘art gallery’ role play area.

Autumn Term - Week 9 - 5 November 2020

We have had a great first week back after half term. As part of our slow transition away from an ‘Early Years’ style play-based environment, we have introduced a slightly more formal learning atmosphere during the mornings. The children are now spending more time at their tables completing focused activities, either individually or in pairs or small groups. They have embraced this change with enthusiasm and are thoroughly enjoying the new challenges they are being set. Our activities are still very practical and hands-on and we still have plenty of time for child initiated play during the afternoons, so we hope that we have achieved a successful balance between Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 ways of working.  

In English, we have been using the text ‘Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?’ by Bill Martin. We created a bank of adjectives (describing words) used in the story to describe the animals and then we included these adjectives in our own sentences. We then moved our attention to verbs (doing words) and found a selection of ‘-ing’ words that are used in the book.  

In Maths we have been using part-whole models to solve addition problems. We have been looking at a number as a ‘whole’ and then exploring how it can be made of 2 ‘parts’. We have been using different coloured cubes and counters to show this and then writing the addition number sentences using + and = symbols.

Our art topic this term is ‘colour’ and we have been using the story of Elmer to base our learning on. This week we have learnt about primary and secondary colours and how the tone of a colour can be changed by mixing. We have really enjoyed exploring colour change with paint!   

Finally, a huge well done needs to go to Finn Whitfield in Beaver Class for raising £500 for the school from his sponsored read. What an amazing effort, congratulations Finn!


Autumn Term - Week 8 - 19 October 2020

We ended last week with our ‘seaside morning’. The children thoroughly enjoyed coming into their beach themed classroom and playing in the sand, dipping their toes into the sea, fishing in the rock pool and enjoying an ice lolly whilst watching a Punch and Judy show! On Friday the children produced some amazing recount writing about their morning. 

This week we have been using our story maps to retell the story ‘The Train Ride’. The children have been working really hard on their writing and ensuring they are using finger spaces and full stops. They used the phrases from the story in their writing and even included some adjectives and verbs.

In Maths, we have been focusing on ordinal numbers and number lines. Perhaps you could have a family race at home and celebrate who came 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th?

We have based our independent learning this week around an Autumn theme. We have been on an Autumn walk around the playground and collected lots of natural objects. We have used these natural objects to make trees and hedgehogs, we have written about what we can see in Autumn and discussed the season changes we have noticed. Perhaps over half term you can continue looking for signs of Autumn?

In phonics the children are learning the ‘ar’ sound (start the car). They have been reading and spelling words such as start, car, star, sharp and park. We have continued with our handwriting practise and have now started practising number formation. Please continue with this at home.

As we come to the end of our first half term in Year One we would like thank all the parents and carers for their support as the children have completed their first half term after such a long period off school. The children have been amazing and have settled in extremely well. We are all very proud of them. Have a well-deserved rest and we look forward to seeing you all after half term!

Autumn Term - Week 7 - 12 October 2020

Our Maths focus this week has been ordering groups of objects and numbers. We have been accurately counting 3 or 4 groups of counters and ordering them from greatest to smallest or smallest to greatest. We then moved onto numbers, the children read numbers in words and digits and ordered them, explaining how they had been ordered. They began to write the order in their books and draw pictorials (circles) for each number.

We started our English lessons this week by re-reading our story ‘The train ride’. In pairs the children ordered pictures from the story and used keywords to describe what happened in each part. They then retold the story using the repeated phrases and key vocabulary, ‘that’s what I see! That’s what I see!’. The children thoroughly enjoyed our ‘experience’ lesson this week, coming to the classroom to find their own beach. They enjoyed taking part in beach themed activities and ended the morning with an ice pop and Punch and Judy show. The week then ended with the children using the pictures from the story to create their own story mountain to help them write our story next week. 

In phonics we have been learning the Set 2 digraphs oo (short) – ‘look at a book’ (took, look, book, shook). We have been blending these sounds in words for reading and practising segmenting them for spelling.

In our PSHE lesson next week, we will be discussing the NSPCC’s Underwear Rule. This is designed to teach pupils how to stay safe from sexual abuse, without giving explicit information or telling scary stories or even using the term “sexual abuse.” In the lesson, children will learn about the ‘PANTS’ acrostic, which stands for: 

· Privates are private 

· Always remember your body belongs to you 

· No means no 

· Talk about secrets that upset you 

· Speak up, someone can help 

The lesson will be delivered in a way that’s fully age-appropriate. More information about the Underwear Rule, including a short film and a parent guide can be found at


Autumn Term - Week 6 - 7 October 2020

Our Maths focus this week has been comparing two groups of objects and using the symbols < > and = to make comparisons. We have been using counters to accurately count out two groups and using the words ‘more than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’ to compare them. We learnt that the crocodile always ‘eats’ the larger number and have been using this concept to help us use the symbols correctly. Our Maths learning has involved lots of pair work which we have really enjoyed! 

We started our English lessons this week by using adjectives to make our writing more descriptive. We imagined that we were on a train going through a tunnel, just like in our class story and we thought of lots of super adjectives to describe it, including ‘gloomy’, ‘spooky’ and ‘frightening’.  We have also been learning to use ‘ing’ verbs this week to describe how the hot air balloon in the story was moving through the sky. We thought of some fantastic verbs, including ‘floating’, drifting’ and ‘gliding’. 

In phonics we have been learning the Set 2 digraphs oo (long) – ‘poo at the zoo’ (too, zoo, mood, spoon) and oo (short) – ‘look at a book’ (took, look, book, shook). We have been blending these sounds in words for reading and practising segmenting them for spelling. 

During the afternoons, we are slowly beginning to introduce some whole class lessons, alongside our independent play, starting with PSHE. Over the next few weeks we will be exploring the question “What is the same and different about us?” This will involve lots of discussion about what we like and dislike and what we are good at. We will be thinking about what makes us special and how everyone has different strengths.

Autumn Term - Week 4 - 30 September 2020

Our Maths focus this week has been finding one more and one less than a given number. We have discovered that when finding one more, the number gets bigger and when finding one less, the number gets smaller. We have been using different practical resources to help us with our learning, including Numicon and tens frames.

In English we have continued to work on our story ‘The Journey’ by June Crebbin. We focussed on the countryside setting that the train travels through and collected a bank of onomatopoeic sounds that might be heard such as ‘Moo’, ‘Woof’ and ‘Swish’. We then thought about what Molly and her Mum might have been eating for lunch on the train. We had fun tasting some different food and thinking of adjectives to describe how it tasted, including ‘sweet’, ‘juicy’ and ‘delicious’. We later used our ideas to write full sentences to add to our class story. 

In phonics we have been continuing to learn the sounds ow – blow the snow (snow, show, slow, blow) and igh – fly high (high, bright, night, flight). 

During our independent learning we have been enjoying using the role play area to get into character at the train station. We have also had a lot of fun this week working together to play games and make puzzles. This helps to develop the important skills of communication, turn taking and sharing. 

Autumn Term - Week 3 - 23 September 2020

This week we have been busy in Maths counting up to 10 and back from 10. We started counting from given numbers and talked about the patterns we noticed when counting forwards and backwards. 

In English we started our new story ‘The Journey’ by June Crebbin. We made a train in the classroom and thought about what we would see and hear on a train journey. We described what the train looked like using adjectives and we made a list of what the little girl could see on her train journey. Our role play area is now a train station and we have had lots of fun pretending we are at the train station!

In phonics we have been learning the sounds ow – blow the snow (snow, show, slow, blow) and igh – fly high (high, bright, night, flight) Please continue to practise reading and writing words at home with these sounds in. 

During our independent learning we have enjoyed making a name train, labelling pictures of a train/farmyard, threading beads to make a train, designing and writing a train ticket and fishing for letters to make words with the ‘ow’ and ‘igh’ sound in.

We have continued our handwriting practise every day and have enjoyed playing in the afternoons to develop our sharing and turn taking skills.

Autumn Term - Week 2 - 18 September 2020

We have had another super week in Year One! It is wonderful to see how quickly the children have settled into the new routines and that they have taken all the changes in their stride. 

In Phonics this week, we have been continuing to learn the set 2 sounds ‘ay’ (May I play?) and ‘ee’ (What can you see?). In order to support your child’s learning at home, please can you help them to read and write words containing these sounds. We have also been focussing a lot on blending our set 1 sounds in simple words in order to increase the children’s fluency and confidence when reading. Words you can work on at home to help with this include – jump, hand, bend, skip, gran, flop.

In English, we have been focusing on the book ‘The Heart and the Bottle’ by Oliver Jeffers. We have spent a lot of time thinking about how the character in the story is feeling and using adjectives to describe her emotions. We thought of different words that mean the same as ‘sad’ and ‘happy’ to make our writing more interesting. After creating a bank of exciting adjectives, we practised writing these in a full sentence using a capital letter, finger spaces and full stop. 

In Maths, we have been practising counting and writing numbers to 10. We have used a variety of different objects such as counters, cubes and animals to show off our counting skills. We have also been representing these numbers in different ways, for example through pictures and words.


Autumn Term - Week 1 - 10 September 2020

The children in Otter class and Beaver class have settled into Year 1 really well. It is so lovely to see them coming into their classrooms with happy and smiley faces! They have been busy learning their sounds in phonics this week and have started handwriting in the afternoons to practise forming their letters. The children will be focusing on the sounds ‘ee’ and ‘ay’ over the next week so please practise reading and spelling words with these sounds in (seen, green, play, spray) at home. We will continue to revise set one sounds at school so please also spend some time blending words which contain these sounds.

The children have done some writing linked to our story ‘Augustes and His Smile’ about what makes them feel happy. Alongside their writing, the children have been taking part in continuous provision activities and have enjoyed playing in the role play area, creating shapes with the playdough, dressing up, sand and water play, making emoji faces and creating buildings with the building blocks.