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Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

The Wooden Hill Curriculum

What does your child learn at Wooden Hill?  The information that you need is provided on these pages.

We teach the curriculum in a variety of ways at Wooden Hill: through whole class teaching, group work and individual work as required.  We have a knowledge rich curriculum but are also very aware of the skills that our children need to be taught to  become successful and independent learners. We focus very much on the vocabulary and language skills that children require to be successful and plan opportunities for oracy across the curriculum.

For the academic year 2020-2021 we are continuing to embed  our thematic curriculum which we feel builds on the interests and needs of our children as well as giving opportunities to explore bigger questions.  In order for parents to be fully informed about what their  children are learning we send home Knowledge Organisers at the beginning of each half term which detail the curriculum content as well as key vocabulary for the topic.  These Knowledge Organisers are available on the class pages.

Recently we have consulted with our parents, staff, governors and children about the experiences they would like our children to have had before they leave our school. The responses were all very interesting and we have put them together as a set of 'Essential Experiences' that we will provide for our children each year.  Some of these experiences complement our curriculum and others are ones that we think that it is simply important for us to provide.  Please see below for our 'Essential Experiences' map.  Some of these experiences will be impossible to carry out whilst Covid restrictions are in place but we will enjoy them again as soon as we can.

Below are the curriculum maps for this year.  They continue to be a work in progress so may change over time.  

For further information about our curriculum please attend parent consultation evenings; curriculum events, which are run throughout the year, or ask your child's class teacher.