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Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

School Council Meetings

The Pupil Survey

In today’s school council meeting we had a special guest. Mrs Lagares joined to talk to us all about the pupil survey and what we need to do to help our teachers. We hope that we will gain some really important information from this survey and as a result, make the school better!


New playground equipment...

Today in our School Council meeting, we met with Mrs Nunn to discuss the ideas that we have for new playground equipment. We went through each point of what we wanted and came to some agreements. She is going to investigate where some equipment is and see if any of the broken equipment can be fixed. We are going to see what equipment we should prioritise fundraising for and meet her again at Easter”

New equipment...

After lots of discussions with our classes, we have decided to replace and buy new equipment to use at lunch time. In today’s meeting, we wrote down a list of equipment and also fundraising ideas!

School Improvements...

During our weekly meetings we have been thinking of areas of the school we think that as School Council we could improve. We decided to focus on break and lunch times and, with the help and ideas from our class have decided that we are going to focus on playground equipment. We are going to ask our classes what playground equipment that they feel would make their play and lunch times better or equipment that needs replacing.

Children in Need..

For children in need, we decided to go round to classes in the afternoon and stand outside after school with some buckets, asking children and adults if they had any spare change!


Meeting - 6th November 2019

Before the end of last half term, each class voted for their representative. They chose: Akira, Florence, Vinnie, George, Besti, Alfie, Ellie, Michaela, Grace, Megan and Josh.

Today we had the first meeting of the term and we discussed how we could raise money for ‘Children in Need’ which is next Friday (15th November 2019). So far we have some really good ideas but the children are going to get some more ideas from their class and feedback in our next meeting.