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Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

Reception News

Summer - Week 5 - 22 May 2020

Reception children are continuing with amazing learning this week. Massive well done to all the families that are supporting their children so brilliantly, both emotionally and academically.

Literacy this week we’ve been making up our own stories based on the traditional tales we’ve been reading over the past five weeks. Across Bracknell, there have been talented Wooden Hill Reception children delighting family and friends with their performances of new versions of traditional tales, supported by story plans and their own wonderful imaginations. We’ve heard about stories involving an octopus, owls, lions, starfish and many more.

In Maths, we’ve been looking at subtraction in lots of different ways. There’s been plenty of real life problem solving using toys, counters, pebbles, cakes and anything else you can take away. It’s terrific the way that siblings are getting involved in learning through play. There have been some super examples of subtraction number sentences on Google Classroom. Well done on working on numbers up to 20 over the last few weeks – we can see there’s been a real improvement in number recognition and formation too.

There’s been lots of other learning too – bike riding, helping with DIY, cooking and making meals, hula hooping, fishing, solving on Rubik’s cubes, scavenger hunts, lots of reading, climbing, jumping. We are so proud of all you’re doing and love seeing pictures of you and your learning on Google Classroom.

Summer - Week 4 - 15 May 2020

Reception children have all been very busy this week with their learning, following on with the theme of Goldilocks. 

This week the children have been making their own porridge and testing different toppings. We have had all sorts of toppings,  blueberries, sweeties, honey and jam to name just a few. The children have then recorded which flavour they like best. Sweet toppings definitely seem to be a favourite! 

There have been some wonderful examples of writing being shared across Google Classroom, thank you to all those children who have been sharing their work, it really makes us feel proud and happy to see your smiley faces and hard efforts.

Maths has been focusing on addition and the number 19. There have been some great examples of number sentences, bus game playing and usage of counting and adding different objects together. Number formation is really improving in the examples we have received through google classroom. 

Topic work has had a big focus on stranger danger, following on from the choices that Goldilocks made going into three bears home. Stranger danger is not something we want the children to fear, but it is something they need to be aware of.

There have been some great examples of chosen own home learning this week. Finn has been painting toilet rolls and turning them into spiders. Henry has created some super shape pictures which are very artistic. Amalie has been making bug homes. Remember the work set by us is to support your home  learning, but all learning is fun, so if you are doing other things please share them with us, we love to see what you are all doing.

Well done Children and grown-ups for all your hard efforts, we know how tricky these times are, and appreciate learning is not always easy at home!

Take care and see you all soon, The Reception Team


Summer - Week 3 - 8 May 2020

Another terrific effort by children and parents alike. You are all superheroes, adjusting your lives to fit in learning while missing the support and fun of playing with friends and spending time with your wider family.

In Reception this week, we’ve moved on to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children have been thinking about which of the three bears they liked the best and drawing them. Poor old daddy bear seems to be the least popular! They’ve also shown how well they know the order of the story by drawing a story map with pictures to remind them of all the key events in the story. There is some fabulous writing on Google Classroom. 

Reception are whizzing through their sounds now and focused on the long and short ‘oo’ sound. Amalie, Archie, Finn, Laurel and Beau have all been super busy using their brilliant phonics to write words or simple sentences. Check some of them out below. We hope you’re finding the Read Write Inc clips helpful.

In Maths, we’ve been learning about measures. Lots of children have taken time over lockdown to bake or make playdough with their families and have found plenty more ways to use measures in their everyday life. Laurel, Archie and Amalie have been comparing objects of different sizes and practised using the language of longer and shorter.

In our reading we’ve been learning about Pip, the dog’s day. He liked to sleep a lot! We also thought about how we spend our days. There was a lot less sleep involved. One day, Amalie found a lost dog when she went out for a walk with her family. They managed to find the owner only for the dog to run off again! 

Remember to wave at the moon if you can see it. We’re looking at it and waving to you each night.

Summer - Week 2 - 27 April 2020

What a busy week Reception children have had! 

Massive thanks to all the grown-ups who have supported their children, uploaded their learning and shared their ideas and feelings with us on Google Classroom. We love to see what they are doing as we miss seeing their smiling faces and latest achievements.

In our Literacy we’ve been focusing on the character of the wolf. Was he really a big, bad wolf? The children have drawn him, described him, built him out of all sorts of different materials and even made a Wanted poster. Some children have learnt about real wolves – what they look like, where they live and what they eat. Finn was asking his mummy about what the wolf had in his mouth! Amalie has drawn a fabulous straw house and a happy little pig.

In Maths we’ve been learning about halving and sharing and this has led nicely onto the difference between odd and even numbers. Our focus number has been 17. Riley took inspiration from Spiderman and did some addition – using his fingers and pebbles. Archie did some Maths with his daddy and it helped Lily R’s mummy to think of new Maths ideas too. It’s so wonderful that we can all learn from each other.

We hope your child has enjoyed reading “The King and His Wish” and completing the activities on Oxford Owl. We’re confident that they made very good teachers when it was their turn in Session 5!

Check out the amazing learning below:

Summer - Week 1 - 20 April 2020

We hope you all had a great Easter break, thank you for sharing some of the things that you have done in the holidays, some of the beans are growing really well!

It’s the first week back following our Easter holidays, and it’s been a very different start to a new half term compared to what we have been used to, as we have been learning at home. 

May we say a big thank you to all of you who have signed up to google classroom and who have been sharing the great work that you have been doing at home.

Our topic for the half term is ‘Can we help the baddies in fairy tale land make good choices?’ and this weeks focus text has been the ‘Three Little Pigs’.

The children have been investigating different materials to make a house for the pigs. They have tested their materials to see which is the strongest, as well as designing their own houses.  There has been suitcase packing, thinking about what a pig would take to his new home, as well as songs and role play. Some of you have completed a  story map to retell the story and act the story out to your families.

In maths we have been doubling numbers and continuing patterns. We have had some lovely examples of work shared on google classroom, as you can see.

Some of us have been doing our own learning too, Blake made a lady bird and Amalie has been teach a teacher and has been teaching her little brother!

Thank you for all your hard work, well done you should be very proud of yourselves, we are all very proud of you.

Best wishes The Reception Team.

Week 25 - 19 March 2020

This week in Reception we have been busy reading the story of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. We have been learning the story, drawing story maps which will support us to write the story, as well as acting and talking the story through with our friends.

In math’s we have been focusing on learning about the number 14 and ordering the days of the week. This has been helped by our ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ story. At home you could practice the days with your child and support them in the ordering of them. We have also talked about the months of the year, and again this is something you could develop with your child, alongside the seasons.

Our classroom caterpillars are growing fast, the children are enjoying watching the changes in their size, and are very excited about the prospect of butterflies! They thought it funny that the ‘Hungry caterpillar’ ate a lollipop, and know full well that their caterpillars make healthier choices. We have had fun exploring healthy options and looking at foods that are healthy and unhealthy, so encourage healthy choices at home too!

In the children’s book bags a set of words have been sent home with your child. These words are to support both reading and writing. You can cut them into strips to make flash cards, and  encourage your child to sound them out and spell them. They could even use the words in sentence writing. Keep up the reading at home too please.

The children are also aware of something special happening on Sunday ….watch this space for a surprise….have a wonderful day!

Thank you for all your continued support, best wishes The Reception Team.

Week 24 - 13 March 2020

In Reception this week we have been busy learning about keeping healthy. We have been talking about the importance of exercise, looking after our bodies and brushing our teeth! 

Through our learning we have talked about the importance of handwashing, and to reassure you we, ensure your child washes their hands  before snack and lunch as well as using anti-bacterial hand wash throughout the day, with adult support.  

We have been looking at the story of Handa’s Surprise and Oliver’s Fruit Salad, leading us on to fruit tasting and designing and making our own fruit kebabs! The children have been very creative in their designs, and have really enjoyed trying different fruits.

In math’s we have been looking at subtraction. We have really focused on the answer always being smaller than the biggest number because we have taken something away from it. If you could practice this at home too that would be most helpful e.g. ‘I have 5 apples, I take 3 away what do I have left. You could also encourage your child to record their answers, either using symbols or numbers.

We also have some new visitors in our classroom, caterpillars! We are watching them grow and are very excited as they are growing quickly! Each week we will update you on their progress!

Please keep up the reading at home, the children are really starting to show their reading skills in their writing. The sense of satisfaction the children have when they can complete a sentence independently is brilliant to see!

Best wishes, and thanks as always,

The Reception Team.

Week 23 - 6 March 2020

Reception have had another busy week, as we have all been busy looking for signs of Spring! In our garden we have looked at daffodils and crocuses, buds on the trees and listened to the birds tweeting, we all think and hope Spring is coming soon!

We have continued our focus on vegetables and have been writing instructions independently on how to plant our bean seeds. (The practical activity took place last week if you remember.) The children have been amazing in applying their phonic special friend ‘ee’ into seed, as well as applying their red words in their instructions.

It really is pleasing to see the hard work the children have put into their reading, show in their writing. Please continue to keep up the good work at home too, by reading and practising the phonic sounds, your child will thrive in their writing and literacy once they are embedded. 

In maths we have been focusing on weighing and using the words ‘light, heavy, balancing’. We balancing different root vegetables and comparing them by size and weight. The children have really enjoyed investigating, and this is a fun thing you can do at home too.

We had some fabulous fun on Thursday on World book day. The children all looked wonderful in their outfits! Our whole school  focus book was called ‘Flotsam’.  It was a picture book without words, giving a lot of opportunity for talk. The children were able to make their own ideas and observations, and look at the story through their own eyes and make their own interpretations. The day ended where the whole school got together in Assembly and share their learning.

Another busy week, thank you for your continued support,

Best wishes The Reception Team.

Week 22 - 28 February 2020

The children returned to school after half term, happy and refreshed, and raring to go!

Our half term focus is ‘Are vegetables healthy’. This lends itself well to planting and growing, looking after ourselves, our bodies and minds, as well as signs of spring and changes in nature.

Our story focus this week has been the Enormous Turnip, and the children had great fun acting out and retelling the story.

We planted beans, and are now watering and waiting for them to grow.

In maths we have been focusing on combining two groups together and finding the total. You could practise this at home, and to extend the activity, encourage your child to record using a number sentence or pictorial cues. 

e.g 4+3=7 or JJJJ+JJJ=JJJJJJJ.

You could also encourage your child to count on from the first number.

We continue to work very hard in our phonics and reading, and cannot stress the difference your support from home is making on your child’s progress, thank you.

Best wishes, let’s hope for a warmer week next week!

The Reception Team.

Week 21 - 10 February 2020

This week in Reception we have been looking at the book ‘Here come the Aliens’ written by Colin McNaughton. The children have had great fun designing their own aliens! They have drawn and planned what their Alien looks like, given it a name and written about the planet it comes from.

The children have also been exploring different sensory materials, we have had space gloop, playdough, colour mixing, designing our own planets.

In maths we have been counting and sorting numbers 1-20, looking at 1 more and 1 less from a given number, as well as looking for 3 d shapes in classroom. This is something that you could do at home e.g what shape is a can of beans? It’s a cylinder etc.

Please will you continue to hear your child read through the holidays and focus on blending their sounds.

Have a good break, thank you for the support this half term,

The Reception Team.

Week 20 - 3 February 2020

In Reception this week we have been looking at the book ‘Whatever Next’ linked to our ‘How will we get there’ topic for this term. The children have been acting out the story, making junk models of space rockets and independent writing. They have really enjoyed seeing the antics of the little bear and his mum getting cross with him!

In maths our focus has been subitisation. This involves looking at numbers in different formats e.g dots on a dice and linking the patterns to numbers. The children have also been learning to combine two given numbers, and as an extension activity counting on from a given number.

We have enjoyed exploring outside the classroom, looking at the bulbs growing, the weather changing and hopefully warming up! 

Within the classroom we have been sponge printing, making vehicles and space rockets, as well as exploring with small world characters, sending them to space in our rockets.

A busy week, phonics and reading are developing, thanks for the continued support.

Remember next week is parents evening, please remember to sign up so that we can share the great work your child is doing.

Best wishes The Reception Team.

Week 19 - 27 January 2020

Reception have had a very busy week learning about the Chinese New Year. We have learnt lots of information about celebrations that link to our Knowledge and Understanding of the World. Did you know that 2020 was the Year of the Rat?

We have tasted Chinese food, we have tried using chop sticks, made dragons, tried Chinese writing and watched Chinese celebrations on cbeebies!

In our other learning we have been using numbers to make 10, using different types of resources, such as numicon, multilink and tens frames.

On Wednesday we had lots of Mummy’s, Daddy’s and grandparents visit us to learn about RWI and make busy bags with their children. It was a wonderful turnout, and we hope you find it helpful when working and supporting with your child at home.

Thank you for your continued support, you are all very valued,

Best wishes the Reception Team.

Week 18 - 20 January 2020

Reception have been exploring where we might travel to in space. We’ve been learning all about our solar system and have been using a story plan to help us remember. We are making information films to show the Year One children so Professor Brian Cox had better watch out. We know where the largest volcano is, which planet is the smallest, which planet is the hottest, which planet has thin rings and so much more. Our classroom has been transformed into a galaxy odyssey with our planet pictures and paper mache solar system. To extend our understanding of the world we’ve been using different kinds of light sources in our dark den.

In Maths we’ve been exploring how to make numbers 6, 7, 8 and 9 using different resources to support our understanding. We’re also learning to explain what we’ve discovered in full sentences.

In Phonics, we are getting really good at spotting their special friends (e.g. oo, ay, sh, ng) when they try to read a new word. Please continue to support your children by hearing them read regularly. You’ll be dazzled when they show you their special friends.


The Reception Team

Week 17 - 13 January 2020

We have had another busy week in Reception! This week we have been looking at the story ‘Whatever next’ to introduce Space, a topic the children are very interested in!

We have been learning space facts and this is going to be part of our Oracy work, where we will learn and recite the facts to each other. Oracy skills are very important for your child’s vocabulary and sentence development.

In maths we have introduced the number 9, and have been using tens frames and multilink to show different ways to make the number. We have been recording our answers in number sentences e.g. 8+1=9, 7=2=9 etc. 

We are enclosing the flier about the phonics and busy bags morning. Please contact the office if you wish to attend and work with  your child in the activities.

Yet again thank you to the parents who are hear their child read. I am sure your child has shared, and you may have noticed, that they get a sticker for each time they read and it is put onto their book mark. Once the side is full your child visits Mrs Lagares for a surprise! Some children have had the pleasure of visiting already, so the children are very keen to complete them! Keep up the reading it really does help.

Best wishes

The Reception Team.

Week 16 - 6 January 2020

Firstly Happy New Year to you all! The children returned to school happy and positive after a lovely Christmas break. We have had fun hearing their news about their Christmas holidays and all the lovely presents they received.

The children are all excited and looking forward  to starting  their new topic, ‘How shall we get there…?’ The half term planner will give you an idea of the topic coverage, and we look forward to sharing with you on a weekly basis how it develops!

In Maths this week we have been learning about the number 6. The children have enjoyed watching number blocks, learning the rules of 6, and using these skills in the maths focus activities.

In Literacy, we have been looking and talking about different vehicles. We have talked about how we travel, different vehicles we have been on and have also written about these experiences.

Phonics and reading are a big focus in Reception, as they are the basis for all Literacy skills to develop from. A big thank you to those of you who have heard your child read through the holidays, and continued to work with their sounds and blending. It really is noticeable in their confidence and ability to read and write, and gives them a real sense of pride that they are improving and becoming more independent.

Would you all please continue to support your child at home, particularly with their sounds, blending, reading and letter formation. The more practise they have the more confident and self-satisfied they will become.

On January 29th you are invited into a phonics workshop, where we will share how we deliver phonics in the classroom, and you can work with your child to create a ‘busy bag’ which will further support learning at home. We really hope you are able to attend, more information will be sent to you confirming timings etc.

Many thanks for your continued support, if ever you want to ask any questions, please feel free to do so.

Best wishes,

The Reception Team.

Week 14 - 9 December 2020

Reception have had a busy week in the run up to Christmas. We have been busy with dress rehearsals and performing to family and friends. In between our rehearsals we have squeezed in some phonics and number work, as well as making Christmas surprises…..sssssssshhhhhh!

We had a very successful school fair last Friday, thank you for your support and purchases, we were the first class to sell out of our products!

We have sent out a ’Parent’s view’ form, please complete and return by the end of term. We can then add this to your child’s folder. (You completed one at the end of last half term.)

Please keep up the reading and sound work at home, as well as practising numbers and counting!

Best wishes The Reception Team.

Week 13 - 2 December 2020

This week in Reception Christmas has arrived! Our role play corner has been turned into a Santa’s grotto, and we have been busy dressing up as Father Christmas and his friendly elves, writing Christmas lists, acting Christmas stories and drawing Christmas pictures.

We have also been very busy making snow globes, snow men and iced biscuits, ready to be sold at our Christmas Event on Friday.

In maths we have been revisiting money, one more and shapes, as well as ordering numbers to 10.

Our Christmas Play is taking shape and we are all very excited about performing it next week!

Please continue to support your child with reading, blending green words and handwriting practise, your help really does support your child’s learning in class, and we really do see and appreciate the impact it has.

Best wishes the Reception Team.

Week 12 - 25 November 2020

In Reception this week we have been looking at the book, ‘Day monkey, Night monkey’ by Julia Donaldson. The children have been comparing the different things that the monkeys see through day and night, which has linked well with nocturnal animals from last week. The children found it very amusing that when the monkeys meet, it is day monkeys supper time and night monkeys breakfast time, as one is getting ready for bed, whilst the other is waking up! They also liked the fact that both monkeys saw totally different things in their waking hours.

We have been looking at a number of different things this week in maths, our main focus being more or less. We have been making cube towers, and then adding an extra one and explaining why it is more, or taking away and explaining why it is less. We have also introduced ‘5 and 10 frames’ which teach the children that there are many different ways to display and record numbers to 10. We have also been looking at money and coins. At home you could practise using money, by playing shops. 1 p for an apple etc.

Christmas Show practise has started, and the children are trying very hard to learn their lines and songs. We are looking forward to sharing their hard efforts in a couple of weeks’ time.

All the children now have reading books. Thank you for all your support with their letter recognition, blending and handwriting. The support you give at home, really helps their progress in school.

We had a visit from the fire service on Wednesday afternoon. They told the children how to stay safe in a fire and they let them try on their equipment too! I think there are quite a few budding firefighters in Reception now.

Best wishes, The Reception Team.

Week 11 - 18 November 2020

This week we have been learning about Nocturnal animals. The children will be able to share all their knowledge about Owls, bats and hedgehogs! In creative activities they have made bats, drawing around the shape of their hand, then cutting them out to make its wings!

In maths we have been learning about time words, first, then, next, last. Ask your child to explain their bed time routine to you: First I get undressed, then I have a wash, next I put my pyjamas on and the last thing I do is brush my teeth. You can also share other routines in this way.

Christmas is just around the corner! The children have had their parts shared with them this week, we are performing the Christmas Show, ‘The sleepy shepherd’, and have been working hard to learn the songs!

We have the majority of costumes in school, however we may send some individual requests for extras, if required.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Reception Team.

Week 10 - 11 November 2020

It’s been another busy week in Reception! On Monday we learnt about Remembrance day, and talked about how it is important to Remember special people. We made poppies and put them onto a  wreath, so that we could all remember how special we are. We also took part in a 2 minute silence, where we held hands in a circle, keeping our thoughts in our heads.

On Tuesday we had a great morning in the maths workshop, with lots of parents coming to support their child, learning different strategies for supporting at home. The children were all very happy with their gifts, and enjoyed making their dice and cutting out their number cards. For parents that were unable to attend, the information has been shared on the website, ask your child to show you how to use their number resources.

Phonics and handwriting are developing well, the children are getting more confident with their blending and letter formation. Please continue to practise the green words at home, and also encourage your child to write them too, as well as individual sounds.

In maths we have been comparing different objects and numbers, noticing the differences in amounts, what is more or less, and sorting them into different groups, noticing and explaining why we have done that.

Owl babies has continued to be our focus book, and we have been writing speech bubbles, sharing what Percy the owl said, ‘I want my mummy!’ The children have been retelling the story and acting it out. We have some budding performers in Early Years!

Once again thank you for continued support, it is very much appreciated,

The Reception Team.

Week 9 - 4 November 2020

We have had a great return to school this week after half term, everyone is refreshed and happy! We have been looking at Celebrations, and have been learning about Diwali and Bonfire Night. We have been making rockets, Rangoli pattern pictures, Fireworks and chalk drawings. We have been practising our letter formations writing in glitter, it’s been great fun!

Our focus this half term is looking at ‘What we will find in the woods’ and our focus book will be the Owl babies.

In maths we have been sorting things. You can practise this at home, get your child to sort their play box! It’s amazing how enthusiastic they have been tidying up this week!

The children are now in groups for phonics, so their homework focus will be linked to the sounds that their group has been completing.

Thank you for your continued support, and the abundance of toilet rolls that were sent in!

The Reception Team.

Week 8 - 21 October 2019

It's been a short week this week, but that hasn't stopped us learning!

Our focus book this week was 'Room on the Broom' and we have linked Understanding the World to this to learn about spiders. We have looked for spiders outside, learnt spider facts and made spooky spiders for the classroom!

Our phonics focus this week has been the sounds 'r' and 'j'. We have sent some new green words home to practise blending, and in parents evening we have shared letter formation sheets. In the holidays, if you can practise your sounds and writing, that would be very much appreciated.

In maths we have been thinking about different ways to record five. Some of us drew around our hands, wrote number sentences and counted different objects. Ask your child to share their learning with you.

We can't believe half term has already arrived! Your children are an absolute credit to you, and we have had a wonderful time getting to know them and see their confidence grow.

Thank you for all your support, and for attending parents evening, your voices are valued and together we will grow your child into a confident, bright, happy individual.

Have a well-deserved break!

Best wishes, The Reception Team

Week 7 - 14 October 2019

Following our Julia Donaldson theme, our focus book this week was ‘Sharing a shell’. We have been thinking about the importance of sharing, and how we share within our class with our friends and with our families at home. We have made collages of shells, used playdough to make crabs and colour mixed to make sea colours.

In our phonics we have learnt the letter sounds l,h,sh, and the formation sheets will come home to help you support your child with letter formation. To expand this task you can ask your child to draw pictures of things that start with the given sound, and attempt to label them.

In maths we have been looking and learning all about number 5. We have been looking at different ways to record 5, sharing 5 counters etc. At home encourage your child to share 5 apples, 2 oranges and 3 apples can make 5 etc.

We will be sending home some new green words to practise blending: and, pin, got, dog, sit, tip, pan, top, dig. Please practise these with your child, as this will develop their reading skills.

We are also sending out a ‘Parental Voice’ sheet. This is a sheet that gives you an opportunity to share your thoughts on your child’s learning. If you could complete and return on parents evening this will be very much appreciated.

Thank you for your continued support, The Reception Team.

Week 6 - 7 October 2019

Our focus book this week being ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’. We have been looking at the rhymes within the story, such as ‘fox and socks’ and ‘mouse and house’. The children found the story very entertaining!

At home you could practise rhymes with your child to see if they can make any of their own up, e.g ‘mug and rug’, ‘cat and mat’.

Our focus sounds this week have been ‘f’, ‘b’ and ‘e’. In your child’s reading folder a set of words will be sent home. Please practise these with your child, a sheet of instructions will be in their pack.

In maths we have been learning the number ‘4’. Ask your child to show you different ways of making four, they can practise drawing four things, look for 4 on the way home from school on doors and buses, accurately count four objects e.g apples etc.

Thank you for your continued support The Reception Team.

Week 5 - 30 September 2019

The wet weather has limited our fun outside at times, but some children enjoyed rescuing a tiny spider from a puddle by building a leaf bridge for it to climb on. Our Gruffalo grotto is up and running which has led to some terrific story telling and role playing.

Our focus book has been A Squash and a Squeeze. We’ve practiced joining in with the story, adding expression to our voices. The wise old man tells the little old lady to take all her animals into her little house! Really!!

We’ve worked hard learning new phonic sounds, ‘c’,’k’ and ‘u’ too. Check out our photos of a phonics session and some children using phonics independently. These sounds will be sent home for you to practise with your child on Friday. You do not have to return them to school, as these are for your use at home. Encourage them to say the phrase which they have learnt to support their handwriting. 

If you wish to support your child further, by improving the pen grip and control when using their fingers. Try playing with lego or other construction, threading pasta, cereal or popcorn, colouring, dressing toys, cutting activities or get some playdough and check out “dough disco” on YouTube.

Our focus number this week has been number 3. The children are getting really good at spotting 1, 2 or 3 objects and different representations around the room, for example, patterns on dice, numicon, numbers and fingers.

Week 4 - 23 September 2019

We have been collecting acorns and conkers and have been looking at the way the leaves in the trees are changing colour and falling to the ground.

Our focus book has been the Gruffalo, and we each designed our own character and labelled it, using sounds that we have learnt in our phonics. e.g. ‘m’ for mouth, ‘p’ for prickles.

We have also been busy learning new phonic sounds, ‘p’,’g’ and ‘o’. 

These sounds will be sent home for you to practise with your child on Friday. You do not have to return them to school, as these are for your use at home. Ask your child to explain the characters and how they help them to form their handwriting.

You may wish to support your child further, by writing the sounds that have already been taught, onto post it notes.  Then model how to blend the sounds to make a word e.g  p-i-g makes pig etc. Please write letters in lower case as capital letters can cause confusion.

Our focus number this week has been number 2. As your child to show or tell you what makes a two! They will introduce you to counting bunnies, fingers etc.

Thank you for the continued support,

The Reception Team.

Week 3 - 16 September 2019

In Reception this week the children have continued to settle well into the daily routines. 

In Phonics we have been learning new sounds 't', 'i' and 'n' and well as recapping the sounds from last week 'm', 'a', 's' and 'd'.

Your child will have the sheets with these sounds on in their book bag, please spend some time practicing the sounds orally and then encourage your child to have a try at writing these on the sheet.  (There is no requirement for this to be returned as these are for you to use with your child at home)

The children have also been drawing pictures of themselves and writing their names. 

In Maths we have been learning all about the number 1 and practicing our number formation. 

The children have also been exploring our learning environment both indoors and out and are developing their skills with sharing and taking turns when playing games. 

Next week we will be looking at the story of The Gruffalo. 


The Reception Team

Week 2 - 9 September 2019

The children have settled well and are enjoying their learning both inside and outside.

We have been focusing on the story ‘Topsy and Tim start school’, which has led into school rules, expectations and routines in the classroom.

We have also started our phonics focus, Read, Write, Inc  and have learnt the sounds ‘m,a,s,d.’ Please practise the sounds with your child, their prompts have been sent home in their book bags.

Next week’s focus book is ‘Supertato’, through this story will be exploring friendships, making good choices as well making supertatocharacters. Be prepared for Super heroes! 

Thank you for support with morning drop offs, and for those who managed to attend our ‘Meet the Teacher’ meeting.

The Meet the Teacher presentations from the meeting can be found at the bottom of the page.

Regards Mrs Rutter and the Reception team.