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Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

Our Topic and Knowledge Organisers

Are you what you eat?

This term our topic is 'Are you what you eat?' We will be exploring this idea through English and PSHE, as well as discovering more about the food we eat and our bodies through science, DT, music and French.

The following attachments, our 'Knowledge Organisers', show the detail of what the the children are learning in class this term in the non core subjects.

Science Day 19.11.18

To learn all about keeping our bodies healthy, we had to understand what our bodies are made of and why we need to look after them. Today, we spent our entire day conducting experiments and learning about our skeleton, muscles, digestive system and some of our bodies organs. We had a fantastic day (although our digestive experiment was a little bit gross!), and we learned a lot about our bodies. This information is going to help us to write a non-fiction text about our bodies next week in English too!

We have been working on a research project about our teeth, using the Internet and books to help us teach each other about certain types of teeth and why we have them.