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Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

Gooseberry Planet

Gooseberry Planet is an online resource to support the teaching of E-Safety. In lessons, children play through a game to consolidate their learning. 

Gooseberry Planet also offers hints and tips to parents which can be found in the handouts below. In addition to the handouts, there are weekly actions or key questions to consider which link directly to discussions the children will be having in class. 

Gooseberry Tips 18.3.2019: Online Slang

When online, people use a variety of slang terms that can be hard to keep up with. Police have recently released a long list of some of the terms you might hear your child using when online or hear other people saying to your child if they communicate online. 

Gooseberry Planet have posted this list on the blog post below: 

It is particularly interesting to note that the list includes codes to let online 'friends' know that their parents are in the room. 


Gooseberry Tips 11.3.2019: safer searching

Searching and web browsing online is a skill. Responsible and safer searching can help
reduce inappropriate browsing and results.
• Choose a web browser and take time to secure and manage the settings.
• Securing what can be searched for and managing the results can help reduce the
risk of inappropriate searching and content.
• Signing up to an account can help you further manage, secure and lock the web
browser security settings.

Gooseberry Tips: 4.3.19: online gaming

Online gaming can develop a child's ability to work as a team and problem solve as well as providing them with opportunities to communicate with friends. However, children need to be aware of the dangers of online gaming and how to set up their accounts to keep themselves safe. Parents need to have a knowledge of the games to support them in doing this. 

Top tips:

  • To avoid arguments when it is time for children to turn off their game, encourage self management. Decide the amount of time you child is going to be allowed to play or a cut off time before they begin so that they can ensure they are not in the middle of a game or match when their time is up. You wouldn't pull them out of a football game mid-match and for them turning off their game is the same thing, particularly if they are playing with friends.
  • Ensure that children's online gaming/streaming profiles have privacy settings set-up correctly (similar to facebook or instagram) and that they know how to respond if someone unknown tries to contact them . In addition to this, steps can be taken within games so that children do not play with strangers who can contact them such as choosing 'Don't fill' in Fortnite. 
  • Discuss with children what they should do if someone unknown tries to contact them. It has been shown that online gaming/ streaming has become one of the top places for grooming to occur. People attract children by playing well and encouraging them to play alongside them while subtly grooming them. 

Key Term:

Griefer: If a child refers to a griefer, they are probably referring to someone who is regularly making their life difficult when playing online games. A griefer will have targeted the child and is similar to a Troll but will hinder progress rather than posting abusive comments.

 More information about online gaming and live streaming, including specific games and streaming services can be found in the handouts below.


Gooseberry Planet Update: MOMO

Momo has been around for the last 18 months and is not new.  The media have managed to whip up a bit of a frenzy amongst parents.  It was originally an app but that has been removed and it is now scary videos that are being distributed via WhatsApp, YouTube and online gaming (live streaming). A parent handout providing more information about live streaming can be found in the documents below. 

It is scary.  Even adults are unsettled by it.  A simple tip is to turn off ‘auto play’ on YouTube and ensure that your contact details are hidden on WhatsApp.  Make sure the ‘no fill’ option is ‘on’ within Fortnite (more detailed information about Fortnite can be found in the parent handout below) and all settings within your Xbox and PlayStation are closed.

Although MOMO is not nice, the media have over-dramatised it.  You should be aware that there are much worse things on YouTube than this - child porn within Pepper Pig, attacks, muggings, shootings and hard porn.  Don’t spread the panic about Momo – get involved and supervise what your young children are watching, whatever it may be.