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Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

Gooseberry Planet

Gooseberry Planet is an online resource to support the teaching of E-Safety. In lessons, children play through a game to consolidate their learning. Your child has been given their username and password so they can access their account at home too. 

Gooseberry Planet also offers hints and tips to parents which can be found in the handouts below. In addition to the handouts, there are regular 'Gooseberry Updates' posted to the Gooseberry Planet website and will be shared below. 


Gooseberry Update 25th June: Personal Information 

Fraud is the most common type of crime in the UK. More than £190,000 a day is lost in the UK by
victims of online crime, much of it via hacked social media or email accounts. We need to be careful when sharing our personal information online. Phishing emails are common and increasingly sophisticated. But sometimes we make it easy for criminals by using the same password for multiple accounts, not securing our privacy settings, over sharing and not taking basic steps to ensure our payments are through secure and legitimate sites.

We worry about our children but what about YOU?

How much personal information are you sharing without even realising?
Have you secured the privacy settings on your social media accounts?

Did you know your insurer might be able to avoid a claim for burglary if you have announced your holiday plans on social media?

Do you use strong and different passwords for your online accounts? Have one strong password that you will remember and do not change frequently. DON’T use “password” or “123456” as so many people still do!

Have you completed an online quiz lately? Ever wondered why they are interested in your star sign, your pet’s name, your favourite colour? This is information which can be useful to criminals trying to guess passwords in order to hack accounts.

Do you have IoT devices in your home – if so, have you changed the default password? “Just five
passwords can give hackers access to 10 per cent of all Internet of Things (IoT) devices due to users not bothering to change the default password. IoT devices include everything from smart energy meters to fitness bands like the Fitbit”.


(adapted from Gooseberry Planet Limited)