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Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

Gooseberry Planet

Gooseberry Planet is an online resource to support the teaching of E-Safety. In lessons, children will use the app or website to play through a game to consolidate their learning. Your child has been given their username and password so they can access their account at home too. Their username and password will also grant access to the Gooseberry parent app and section of the website. 

In the handouts below, there is information about various online games, websites and risks that will help you to understand what your child is doing online and how you can help them to stay safe   In addition to the handouts, there are monthly 'Gooseberry Updates' which will be shared below. 

Throughout the year, Gooseberry Planet  provide parent webinars which aim to educate and support parents to keep their children safe online and provide up-to-date information about the latest trends and risks. Information about accessing these will be emailed  the week before the event. 


Gooseberry Alert November - Anti-bullying Week 2019

The theme of Anti-Bullying week this year is “Change Starts with Us”. It recognises that bullying is not just one person’s problem, we all need to work together to change attitudes and behaviour for the better.

Both children and adults are exposed to examples of disrespectful, if not bullying, behaviour regularly: in the street, playground, workplace, social media and news. Abusive celebrities, offensive tweets and threats to our politicians have become common. The “change starts with us” campaign recognises that both children and adults can make a difference by making small changes. 

During anti-bullying week,  your child will be encouraged to make small changes to create a kinder, more inclusive world. Parents can play their part in this too by demonstrating small kindnesses to neighbours or others in your community. Even starting your child’s day with a smile and a compliment would be a good way to show how positive action can make us all feel good.

Children who are bullied often don’t tell, so this may be a good opportunity to have a chat to your child and ask if they have any worries. 
Encourage children to think about: 

How does it make you feel when someone is kind and positive about you or
something you have done?

What about if they are unkind or negative?

What sort of behaviour do you see either in real life on in the media that is unkind or

Do you think this influences the way you or others behave?

What could you do to make other children in your school feel positive and happy?


Adapated from Gooseberry Planet Alert