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Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

Gooseberry Planet

Gooseberry Planet is an online resource to support the teaching of E-Safety. In lessons, children will use the app or website to play through a game to consolidate their learning. Your child has been given their username and password so they can access their account at home too. Their username and password will also grant access to the Gooseberry parent app and section of the website. 

In the handouts below, there is information about various online games, websites and risks that will help you to understand what your child is doing online and how you can help them to stay safe   In addition to the handouts, there are monthly 'Gooseberry Updates' which will be shared below. 

Throughout the year, Gooseberry Planet  provide parent webinars which aim to educate and support parents to keep their children safe online and provide up-to-date information about the latest trends and risks. Information about accessing these will be emailed  the week before the event. 


Gooseberry Alert - Online Relationships- January 2020

 The ability to connect that the internet provides brings many advantages including providing forums where young people can find emotional support and advice. Unfortunately, the need
for that emotional support and advice may also have its origins in the behaviour of others online.

Although we teach young people about good digital citizenship and the need to treat others with respect and kindness, we know that there are many instances where people, young or old, famous or ordinary,use the online space to bully, exclude or demean.

We also know that the perfectly curated lives presented online can result in feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem in others. As with so many things, education is central to coping with these challenges. For very young children, knowing not to respond to contact from new people online is key to their safety. But as they grow older, just as we prepare them and give them the freedom to go places on their own in the offline world, we need to educate them on how to engage safely with others online.

They need to know about keeping their personal information private, regulating their time online, how to recognise warning signs in an online relationship and to have the confidence to take back their trust in someone if necessary. They should know how to block and report worrying behaviour, to recognise when they need help and have the confidence to seek it.

Through the use of Gooseberry Planet, children at Wooden Hill are taught about healthy relationships, what to share and what to keep private online, about their digital footprint and what they should do if they see or are sent anything offensive or upsetting. However, it is important that this education is continued at home where they are constantly using the web to access videos, games and to communicate with friends. 

In relation to this alert, please find handouts below about the various apps and websites children may be using and how to ensure they are using them safely.

You can also find a handout regarding Youth Produced Sexual Imagery and the law.

Adapted from Gooseberry Planet Alert