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Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

English and Maths

Week 10

This week in Year 4 Maths, we have been learning how to multiply and divide by 10 and 100. We first used counters and then moved on to digit cards in the place value grid. When we multiply our number gets larger and moves spaces left up the place value grid, which is the opposite when we are dividing!

Week 9 

Working out the perimeter..

In Year 4 maths this week, we have been looking at the perimeter of rectilinear shapes. This is a shape where all of the sides are met with a right angle. We designed a floor plan for a house (some real houses, some dream houses!!) and worked out the perimeter of each room. Each cm was equivalent to 1 meter, otherwise it would be a very small house.

Publishing our work..

This week in English we published our instruction writing from last half term. We are now moving onto poetry and learning about Kennings.

Week 8

In Year 3/4 Maths this week, we have been learning to add 4-digit numbers.

The children have been using place value charts and counters to investigate what happens when you add 4-digit numbers together.  They noticed that they could not have more than 9 counters in any of their columns.  What could they do if the total exceeded 9?  The children quickly realised that they had to ‘exchange’ them.  Well done Mathematicians!

Publishing our writing..

In Year 3 and 4 we have spent a lot of time writing and editing our Stone Age narratives! Now it is time to publish them and write them in our neatest writing. Some of us even got pen licenses because we showed our teachers such beautiful writing!

"This week in Year 4 Maths..

This week in Year 4 maths we have been learning to add two 4 digit numbers, we have been using a range of resources including place value counters to help us!"

"This week in Year 4 Maths..

This Week in maths, we have been looking at counting in 25s and negative numbers!"

"Times Table Rockstars!

Times table practise is very important and we practise our times tables every day in Year 3 and 4. It is important that we practise in a variety of fun ways, including Times Table Rockstars! It is an online resource which can be used on tablets and phones to test times table knowledge and division facts up to the 12 times table!

Please make sure you are using this free, easy and fun resource at home, if you are unable to login or have forgotten username/password, please ask your teacher who will be able to quickly find it for you!"

"This week in maths... 

We have been comparing 4 digit numbers, ordering 4 digit numbers and rounding to the nearest 1,000! We loved using place value counters to help us!"

"In Year Three and Four English this week..

We have been using thesauruses and have been finding synonyms of words to help us describe a Stone Age setting in detail."

In Year Four maths this week..

We have been looking at place value. We have been understanding the value of each digit and used a range of concrete resources to help us!