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Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School

This Last Week - Update

What we have done this week!

Last week, we went on the residential.

Day 1

First of all, we arrived and dropped off our luggage in the hall. Afterwards, we ate our lunches that we had packed and then we got straight into our first activity which, for some of us, was hover boarding with our instructor Sophie (we had a lot of fun). After that, we found out our room groups and went for dinner. Once we had finished, we went up to our rooms for a while then did our evening activity which was in their dome. Then we went to our rooms and had a shower followed by bed.

Day 2

Once we had been woken up by certain teachers, we all got ready for the day and headed down to breakfast. After we finished, we went to our first activity which was archery (it was really cool). The next activity was karting: we decided our groups but one kart wasn’t working and was being a pain. When we finished, we went to our activity group assembly meeting point so the whole year could go to lunch. After lunch, we left for our next activity which was crating. Crating was where we had to stack crates to try and get as high as we could. After the crate challenge, we went to our next day activity which was sensory adventure which was where we were blindfolded and on a path going through the woods. After that, we had dinner, followed by our night-time activity which was 'beat the elite' where we had to beat our teachers in some mini games.

Day 3

First of all , we woke up and got dressed and had breakfast. After that , we went to our first activity which was areoball where we had to get the ball in our opponents nets on trampolines . Following this, we went to our next activity which was  water wars where we played a  lot of mini games with water (we all got drenched). Next, we had lunch then we went to buggy building where we had to build a buggy then ride it down the hill. Finally , our last day activity was fencing where we all had to play mini games which were really fun. Then we had dinner and did our night time activity which was scrap heap where we had to build carts out of scraps.

Day 4

First of all, we woke up, got dressed and had breakfast. Our first activity was low ropes where we were blindfolded and had to walk across low ropes. Our second activity was water zorbing where we were in a  giant plastic ball and had to knock each other over. After that, we had lunch. Our third activity was water roller where we were in a giant water bubble and had to run in it to move it around. Finally, we did some rock climbing where we had to get to the top of a wall. As always, we then had dinner. Our night time activity was a PJ party (because the camp fire was rained off) and then we went to bed.

Day 5

We woke up on our final day and had our last breakfast. After that, we did our last activity which was the cube which was just a lot of fun games. After that, we said our last goodbye and packed our things then left.

We had a great time!


- Captains of Blue House